Site Analysis

The estimated cost for a project can only be determined by an onsite assessment. The fee for an onsite visit includes a post visit report with our findings and its viability.

If the site is suitable and the client wishes to proceed further, a Luge Proposal together with an MOU and NDA can be agreed upon. We can then create a Luge Project Proposal which will include a basic track design which the client can then use for costing and authority permissions. 

In considering the feasibility of a Luge park site we use the following criteria:

  • Geography / Topography
  • Local population density - visitor numbers
  • Accessibility
  • Amenities
  • Existing infrastructure
  • Regulations
  • Relevant legislation



Luge Track Design

LAD engineers and designers will use site survey information to design the Luge tracks to an international standard. 

On completion the plans can be used for the tendering of prospective contractors and government permissions.

The track design is critical to ensure rider safety and also for the longevity and performance of the Luge track and carts.


Luge Track Consultancy

Luge Adventure Development, will provide limited consultancy during construction to ensure the luge tracks are built to the best standard as per our design. We will conduct a limited number of consulting site visits/inspections before and during the construction.

Operational Training & Proprietary Support

Upon completion of the track, the return systems and arrival of the Luge carts, Luge Adventure Development will assist with training your staff how to carry out routine maintenance of the Luge carts and how to operate the Luge track. Along with onsite training Luge Adventure Development will provide basic proprietary documentation for the operations.

Upon completion of training the Luge track will be ready for public use and our work will be done.

On going support will be for re supply of maintenance spare parts for the Luge carts.