Our team at Luge Adventure Development use software programs that are essential to building luge tracks. We have a skillful team to enable the track to be the best possible fit for the landscape. To demonstrate  the design of the track before construction.

Our Design Steps


Initial Site Assessment

Luge Adventure Development uses this software for the initial assessment of a client’s site using client provided topographical data..This enables us to conceptualize ideas, designs and produce first stage drawings of technical accuracy that will allow the client to apply for land use and construction permission.


Final Design & Master Plans

We use 12d modeling, surveying and civil engineering software. For quick high quality production in a wide variety of projects including: Road and Highways which is exactly the application required for luge track construction. Luge Adventure Development use 12d to produce the master drawing for track construction and for government approval. 


Operational Modeling Forecasts

We use software for building models, the software model we use simulate luge site as built to the proposed design. This model can be used to estimate the recommended number of luge carts, the length of the luge track and the capacity for the cart/people return systems giving forecast o the luge parks potential ROI.